Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker In 2021 | Marshall Emberton Testimonial

Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker
Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall’s tiniest and best budget Bluetooth speaker yet isn’t best, but those wanting a resilient pocket rocket have found it right here.

Should I acquire Marshall Emberton?


  • Stylish & portable
  • Great noise
  • Durable.
  • Long battery life.


  • No aux input.
  • I can’t get stereo pair of two speakers.

Our Verdict

The target market for the best budget Bluetooth speaker similar to this desire has a combination of portability, acoustic power, and lengthy battery life. The Emberton ticks those boxes with confidence.

Marshall Emberton The Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker Full Review

Marshall continues to pump out brand-new best budget Bluetooth speakers in all shapes and sizes, and the guitar amp business’s latest effort is the smallest yet. Marshall Emberton is one of the best mobile Bluetooth audio speakers you can buy.

Layout & Build

The Emberton is much like various other Marshall best budget Bluetooth speakers, however, smaller sized. That is the tiniest design we’ve seen from the company and could almost get referred to as palm-sized. It’s additionally lightweight at just 700g.

It’s not the smallest best wireless speaker we’ve checked at Tech Advisor towers, yet it’s very compact and will easily match bags effortlessly. To claim it’s pocketable is a stretch unless you’re still rocking some combat trousers, which wouldn’t be comfortable anyway.

Discarding the typical natural leather, the Emberton has a silicone rubber finish with the same structure. It makes it much more sturdy as well as grippy because it’s developed to get and around. An IPX7 ranking implies you’re secured from dashes of water as well as complete submersion, although Marshall strangely does not assert the Emberton as waterproof in the fine print.

There’s a black steel wire gauze at the back and silver at the front, decorated with the iconic logo. It’s a smart-looking device, yet the black and brass option looks exceptionally classy with black all over and the logo design in, well, brass.

Besides a USB-C port on the side, all the action gets on the leading with a Bluetooth pairing switch and also battery scale straddling a striking brass button. There’s no space below for the amp-style dials found on the more oversized best budget Bluetooth speakers.

That is greater than just a power button, however. It’s a multi-direction control knob similar to the one found on Marshall headphones like the Monitor II ANC. You can shake it backward and forwards to readjust volume, click it to play pause, or flick it left or right to avoid tracks.

Audio Quality & Features

Marshall says that the Emberton ‘packs a punch’, which’s my experience using the speaker.

Inside are two dynamic full-range vehicle drivers that are 2in along with a pair of passive bass radiators. ‘True Stereophonic Sound’ is Marshall’s term for clarifying that the speaker uses 360-degree noise in addition to custom adjusting.

Technically this is a stereo speaker, yet being so tiny, there’s not a stereo area to mention. It does a great job of filling a room with rich sound, however, and that’s its primary job. It’s not quite 360 like some best budget Bluetooth speakers, as it does not seem incredible if you’re facing it side-on.

It’s a little overwhelming how a speaker so small can offer such a big sound. It legitimately sounds much better than many larger audio speakers and soundbars I’ve checked over the years.

The bass is warm as well as much more noticeable than you anticipate looking at the best budget Bluetooth speaker. The mid-range is clear and rich, as well, and there’s good top-end to maintain things knitted with each other. Adjusting is perfectly stabilized, so the Emberton appears excellent no matter what you toss at it.

You do shed a little high quality at higher volumes with an extra rough sound, yet there’s minimal distortion, and I have not found the need to pump the Emberton to higher volumes anyway.

There are a few slight disadvantages to discuss as you can’t utilize the Emberton with the Marshall app to do points like fine-tune the EQ. If you have 2 of them, you also can’t develop a stereo set.

That isn’t a massive deal since the audio profile will attract many individuals, and I did not discover myself wanting to alter it. However worth pointing out as adjusting bass and the treble is regular on other Marshall audio speakers like the Uxbridge – which is also a wise best budget Bluetooth speaker.

Another thing you may anticipate from an amp maker is some input. Yet, unlike various other Marshall speakers, the Emberton does not have a 3.5 mm aux input, so you’re limited to Bluetooth connectivity.

Regardless of being so pint-sized, the Emberton can use over 20 hrs of battery life. That’s very outstanding as well, as I’ve discovered the best budget Bluetooth speaker to maintain going and also going, only needing to charge it a couple of times over the last month or so.

If you’re heading out yet understand the Emberton is level, it charges over USB-C, and also a 20-minute cost can give you five hours of playback, which is helpful.


Even if the Emberton is tiny, don’t go assuming that it’s cheap. You’ll require to spray out ₤ 129/US$ 149 on it. It’s also readily available from the likes of Amazon, John Lewis, and also Currys.

While that’s a lot more than several comparable audio speakers you’ll discover while browsing Amazon, they are usually unknown brands with a great deal much less to use. Compare the Emberton to various other heavyweight tools as well as the cost is affordable.

The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 and Bose SoundLink Mini II are both ₤ 169. The Sony SRS-XB33 is ₤ 140. Look into our chart of the very best budget Bluetooth speakers for more choices.

There are some less expensive choices if these tools are also pricey, such as the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 for ₤ 89 and the Denon Envaya Pocket for ₤ 85.


Marshall Emberton is one of the most effective Bluetooth audio speakers I’ve ever before evaluated, doing what it’s developed to do.

It looks excellent, is highly portable with a sturdy layout, and uses a surprisingly big as well as abundant sound for such a tiny best budget Bluetooth speaker. Include a genuinely long battery life and a pretty good price point, as well as it’s a winning combination.

There are some minor disadvantages, but they do not take away a lot. It’s an aux input that would certainly be handy, and the ability to stereo pair two Embertons would additionally behave.

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