4 Best Hammer Drill Reviews in 2021


1. Makita XPH07Z 18V Hammer Drill

You’re going to get a three-stage LED gauge, which suggests the battery’s charge level. Convenience is a big deal here. Plus, the self-ratcheting chuck provides sturdiness and better grip strength for the best drill bits.


  • A cordless model with a brushless motor
  • No loud noise similar to other durable hammer drills
  • Used by professionals and enthusiasts since of sturdiness and low cost
  • Features better technology so that you can manage the tool
  • Technology gets rid of motor breakdowns and overheating issues
  • Three-year service warranty


  • No battery sign on this cordless hammer drill

Because the best hammer drills include a brushless motor, you’re going to value the Makita brand name. That implies you likewise get 1,090 inches per pound of max torque. Plus, there is a remarkable ergonomic design. Its weight is just 5.9 pounds, and it’s a little over 8 inches long, even with the battery. For that reason, you’re not going to overtire your arms while utilizing it.

We believe this is a sturdy hammer drill, and it’s all metal. Therefore, it’s going to last a very long time and have excellent handling. A lot of other hammer drills use plastic or other things to save cash. However, metal has long given that been the best choice for most power tools.

You’re likewise going to get a three-stage LED gauge, which indicates the battery’s charge level. The benefit is multiple offers here. Plus, the self-ratcheting chuck offers toughness and better grip strength for the best drill bits.

With a variable and effective speed transmission, you are going to get the most from this hammer drill. And you can use it for a wide variety of requirements and jobs.

Quick Facts

  • A lot of torque
  • Charge level sign
  • Easy on the hands
  • The quick procedure of changing drill bits
  • Includes side handle for safety

Special Tips:

The system includes a side handle to decrease the tension in your hand. Nevertheless, in tight offices, it could be uneasy for your hands. Still, it’s a great feature when you are doing a lot of drilling. Plus, it’s all set and heavy-duty for anything.

02. MeterK 7.0 AMPs 1/2 Inch Corded Hammer Drill

With the hammer drill function, you’ve more impact force, conserving energy and time when dealing with masonry and concrete jobs. These two functions are necessary for all hammer drills and provide more control.


  • The robust style for various tasks
  • 000 RPM to work as electric drill, screw extractor, effect drill
  • Features 360-degree adjustable side deal with for more control and an ergonomic style
  • Central manage features a non-slip grip to be simple on the hand
  • Simple trigger performance with non-slip grip
  • Easily adjust speed settings with the knob


  • Inaccurate measurements from deep gauge

Hammer drills have a 7-amp motor that can produce more power. Since it’s easy to operate and comfortable to hold, we also like the adjustable speed on this impact drill. There is 3000 RPM, so you get effective hammering strength and effect. Plus, it can stand up to the high impacts and provides a great deal of convenience.

You’re going to like the non-slip grip as it adds convenience and makes you feel much better while utilizing it. Plus, you can use it to make holes, drill plastic, and go through a wall with ease.

With the dual-mode selector, you can pick in between two drilling modes. Change it from the drill to the hammer drill function. With the hammer drill function, you’ve more impact force, conserving energy and time when handling masonry and concrete tasks. These two functions are necessary for all hammer drills and offer more control.

With the variable speed trigger, you can manage the drilling speed based on the RPM needed. The motivation is easy to hold, and there’s even a lock button to help you keep the best grip. You get a depth ruler for precision too.

Quick Facts

  • Non-slip grips
  • Adjustable speeds
  • 000 RPM
  • Works on masonry, steel, concrete, and so on
  • Two functions in one

Unique Tips:

These hammer drills have a two-year guarantee, and you even get lifetime technical assistance.

03. TackLife PID01A 1/2 Inch Electric Hammer Drill

The 6-amp motor on this hammer drill works at 2800 RPM. You get many accessories. So you can install chandeliers, deal with metal, deal with furniture, go through a wall, and so much more. Many hammer drills do not give you that numerous options, but this one does.


  • Provides drilling and hammer functions
  • The tool offers differing accelerate to 2800 RPM
  • You can utilize the lock-on button on the device once chosen speed is there.
  • Loosening & tightening screws is more effortless with this tool
  • Turning handle for versatility


  • Producer advises not to utilize this tool on any enhanced concrete walls to prevent damage to the equipment
  • Can be utilized on most surface areas. However, beware

The 6-amp motor on this hammer drill has to work at 2800 RPM. You get many devices, so you can install chandeliers, deal with metal, handle furnishings, go through a wall, therefore far more. A lot of hammer drills don’t give you that many options, but this one does.

You’re going to value the dual-mode selector so that you can move between drilling and the hammer drill function. In a sense, the hammer drill function utilizes a pulsing action to drive the masonry bits into challenging surface areas. With the drill mode, you may control the torque. It’s simple to go through metal with the two functions offered.

In general, the design of this cordless drill is ideal, and you get ten drill bits with it. These drill bits go through metal and other products quickly.

Convenience and accuracy are what you yearn for from hammer drills, and this drill doesn’t disappoint. You get a variable speed trigger at approximately 2800 RPM, so these hammer drills address the speed you respond and select how much pressure you use. You can quickly make it through stone, glass, metal, wood, and plastic. Plus, the reverse and forward functions change soon for the jobs at hand, such as for loosening screws, tightening up screws, and so on.

The motor is exceptionally long-lasting, and it has a non-slip grip. And the keyed chucks ensure that you can do whatever you need while you control the torque.

Quick Facts

  • Four m800 BPM
  • Control torque effortlessly
  • Variable speed trigger
  • 800 RPM
  • Rotary hammer drill
  • You can utilize it as an effect motorist
  • 60- degree rotating deal with

Unique Tips:

If you choose this model and need it for professional use, the drill bits that feature the tool should suffice. These drill bits give you more alternatives and ensure that you can have one instead of numerous power tools.

04. DeWalt DWD520K 120-Volt Corded Hammer Drill

That is a dual-mode drill, so it’s a hammer drill and a routine drill. Therefore, it’s suitable for masonry, wood, and metal projects. Because the grip is similar to a handgun, everyone can appreciate their convenience while holding it. Plus, the non-slip grip product makes it even much easier to maintain throughout long jobs.


  • Best efficiency
  • It goes through numerous masonry products
  • Drilling is much easier and has a large variety of applications
  • The motor provides two speeds
  • The engine can’t overheat because of the innovation
  • Corded drill perfect for hammering and drilling
  • Metal gear real estate


  • It is much heavier when compared to other drills

Choosing the best one is vital when it comes to hammer drills. DeWalt is a leading brand, and we like the DWD520K since of the 10-amp motor, which provides a much better drill efficiency. You likewise get the trademarked motor style, which produces more power and concentrates on overload defense for durability.

That is a dual-mode drill, so it’s a hammer drill and a routine drill. It’s suitable for metal, masonry, and wood tasks. Everyone can praise the comfort you feel while holding it since the grip is comparable to a pistol. Plus, the non-slip grip product makes it even simpler to hold throughout long tasks.

We understand the most crucial thing for you is drilling efficiency, and these hammer drills don’t disappoint. You get the convenience you long for and the control you need. The two-speed range offers high torque and high speed. Plus, there’s a robust transmission so that you can make it through your tasks with ease. If that weren’t enough, there’s a two-finger trigger for ease of usage, and the handle is soft.

Quick Facts

  • 0- amp motor
  • Two modes for adaptability
  • Two speeds for numerous applications
  • Soft manage
  • Two-finger trigger (more comfort/control).
  • Metal gear real estate for dependability and resilience on job sites.

Special Tips:

Because it’s simple to utilize and simple, many specialists choose this model. Think about purchasing other bit sets so that you can go through masonry materials effortlessly. Their offer is for independently, but you can get more out of your drill.

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