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Best Wireless Speaker
Best Wireless Speaker

Our Verdict

The most pricey speaker we’ve examined also occurs to be the very best wireless speaker.


  • Wonderfully express
  • Luxury style
  • HDMI ARC for TELEVISION connection


  • No analog inputs
  • No Tidal Masters support

Linn, one of the first hi-fi brands, introduced a music streamer back in 2007, so it’s surprising the Glasgow-based business has waited for this long to present its initial best wireless speaker. But right here it is, and also it’s called the Linn Series 3.

While a newcomer on the market often deals with an uphill battle to overcome well-known competitors (when it comes to costs wireless audio speakers, that’d be Naim), Linn’s entrant shows up radiating great self-confidence. Thanks to the company’s decade-plus experience making high-end network streamers.

Yet there’s an elephant in the space– the Series 3 is one of the most costly best wireless speakers we have checked. It’s over three times the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge rate, two times that of the Naim Mu-so 2, and still several numerous pounds more than Devialet’s Gold Phantom.

Can any standalone best wireless speaker, also one with Linn’s degree of the streaming experience, warrant such a price?

Functions of Best Wireless Speakers

The Series 3 might note a brand-new venture for Linn, the best wireless speaker, but anybody acquainted with among the brand’s streaming products doesn’t need to go far to find knowledge in the design.

The speaker leverages Linn’s well-established streaming system, which uses access to networked servers and music services Tidal and Qobuz through Linn’s Kazoo app.

You can include Spotify Connect to that list, along with AirPlay, Bluetooth as well as Roon support. Yet, while Qobuz’s hi-res brochure is entirely easily accessible on the Series 3, subscribers of Tidal’s top tier will not have the ability to play the solution’s hi-res Masters tracks. Linn has rejected the Masters Quality Authenticated (MQA) innovation that these tracks get based on; therefore, none of its equipment helps it.

Multi-room is the option for those with Linn Series 3 best wireless speakers in various areas, while voice control gets offered below when the speaker is wireless and with an Alexa-compatible gadget on the same network.

There’s additionally an HDMI ARC outlet, which permits you to attach a TELEVISION to the Series 3 also if you might make use of a 30cm-tall best wireless speaker in your telly set up. You could get a stereo set and even area on either side of your flatscreen if you’re feeling especially flush.

There’s an Exakt port that enables major spenders to wire a chief Series 3 speaker (Series3-301) to a slightly customized, ₤ 2450 ‘slave’ variation (Series3-302) to create a ₤ 5400 stereo set. Still, there are no analog or further digital inputs to speak of, so you will not have the ability to attach a CD player or turntable.


Proceeding the aesthetic introduced in the business’s Selekt DSM, the Series 3’s, the best wireless speaker, has a glass, touch-control top plate, lit by around a hundred LEDs to indicate volume, six numbered presets faster access favorite material, which is quickly assignable in the application. You can ‘pin’ inputs, radio terminals, and also web content from streaming services. However, you didn’t extend the solution to our media web server.

To minimize the number of touch controls on the panel, those preset likewise activate features when pressed in various sequences: pressing presets three and four simultaneously launches Bluetooth pairing, while two and five-place the speaker in a wi-fi setting.

A master and slave get connected using the Exakt transportation cord (Linn’s technique of transferring audio data, power causes, and a master timing control to ensure that the audio from all channels is in excellent sync). Press-holding presets one and 6 verifies the pairing.

It’s a cool as well as a well-incorporated control system. Still, we desire we might slide our finger around the circular ring of LEDs to readjust quantity much more instinctively, instead of having to tap the volume backward and forwards touch switches either side.

That top plate gets complemented by a ceramic-like stone framework, which has got shaped like the top of a white wine glass, yet also resembles a large egg or rain decline. On the front is an unpredictable grille, completed in either gold (a Harrods special) or chrome, concealing a silk dome tweeter and long-throw chauffeur. It’s no less beautiful than you would certainly anticipate from Linn– elegant, sleek, as close to looking its cost as possible for the best wireless speaker just shy of ₤ 3k.

While it’s hard to trust a standalone best wireless speaker you can put under your arm can look near such an asking price, it’s even more challenging to think that the performance could justify it.


But what assists make that happen is Linn’s proprietary Exakt innovation among the leading wireless speakers. Linn Exakt aims to lower phase errors by intentionally postponing greater frequencies, so they come to your ear simultaneously as reduced frequencies. The best wireless speaker maintains the music signal’s data in the digital domain for as long as possible to stay clear of any deterioration triggered by signal processing.

We’ve listened to Exakt make its point in lots of a Linn products before, and also, it once more contributes to a soaking up efficiency. What’s shocking is the stunning midrange clarity. Play Mac Miller’s What’s the Use? (over Tidal), His rap comes through with the quality and frankness that flawlessly records the delivery’s candidness. Series 3 is a sharp performer. We don’t mean tonally: it’s so punctual that his words stop, start specifically.

The Linn’s, best wireless speakers, low-end dexterity makes inevitable the coming with bassline bobs in addition to bounce and interest. Where there’s top-quality, there’s quantity, as well. We play Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy, the Series 3 thumps it right into the room– nearly able to connect the bass’s seismic top quality. We practically feel for the decently sized woofer needing to drop to such midsts. However, it appears to dig down easily.

Whatever we throw, the Series 3 appears at ease partly to its balance and also clarity but likewise the seamless combination of its drivers. Its insight establishes it besides its even more budget-friendly rivals, also. Eluvium’s Prelude For Time Feelers exposes itself as a stickler for subtlety, affording each piano key a measured burden and confidence meandering via the refined dynamic shifts in the engaging series. Simultaneously, minimal hi-fi can neglect manufacturing disparities, the Linn shares Michael Kiwanuka’s Piano Joint (That Kind Of Love).

We run a lead between the Series 3 & a slave variation and find that it is much more outstanding in a stereo configuration. The presentation’s accent, transparency, and also balanced knack stays. However, there’s a scale, bass volume, and of course, a stereo photo to be obtained from, including the 2nd.

We play Anthony, The Johnsons’ Aeon, and appreciate Linn’s worth as a wholesome hi-fi system. Anohni’s diverse quiver comes right down the middle of both Series threes, the piano familiarly taking in and the guitar arpeggio delivered with a lot more vibrant scale.

You can get a sound system of stereo separates for the same expense, which would topple the Linn in some locations. For the convenience of having a whole streaming system in 2 compact speaker boxes, you will still obtain a hi-fi-mature, best-in-class noise that’s remarkably room-filling.

We ought to also discuss Linn’s Space Optimization, which aims to optimize efficiency according to your room’s form and where the speaker gets put within it.


By interpreting your area info versus Linn’s database of the best wireless speaker behavior, the technology intends to make them sound as though they’re in a suitable position. It’s a remarkable thing, though we preferred the tonal equilibrium and general efficiency of Series 3 in our test room.


At almost ₤ 3k, we can hardly define the Series 3 as a deal, yet we are left persuaded of its charm. It shows the worth of this massive price tag, and those who can afford it won’t be dissatisfied with its proficiency.

The Series 3’s non-inclusion of Tidal Masters is frustrating. A further connection to enable proprietors to include even more non-streaming sources would certainly lead our want list– but also for costs best wireless speakers. It isn’t far off. It might not look like it; however, it makes it indisputable. That appertains stereos.

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