Death Note Review | 6 Reasons To Watch

Death Note Review

Animé movies and series have significantly improved over the years. Now we see strong storylines and meaningful messages conveyed through anime movies and series. Youngsters have started to lean towards the culture of watching anime because they are even better in the quality of plot than some popular TV shows and movies.  Anime is not a cartoonish counterpart of reality TV shows anymore.

A lot of ideas and concepts presented in anime are mature and close to reality. That is why people have started watching quality anime like “Death Note”.  Death note is perceived as one of the best anime series because of its dark plotline and twists and turns. It was released in 2006 and has 37 episodes. In this blog, we have mentioned some reasons that will compel you to watch the famous anime “Death Note”

Some people are into genres like dark mystery and despicable plots. Death note is, without any doubt, a must-watch for them. The story of Death Note revolves around Light Yagami, a sociopathic high school student who comes across a supernatural book. He uses this book to punish evil people and bring about justice in this wicked world. It is a crime thriller whose intensity will keep you at the edge of your seat.  However, children are not recommended to watch this series as it has some graphic elements that can influence an immature mind. On the other hand, it is a great show if you watch it like a TV series and nothing else.

  • Appropriate Show Length:

Death Note is perfect for those who are watching anime for the first time or rewatching the series. Its length is neither too short nor too long, and each episode is 20-30 minutes long. It is not exhaustingly lengthy like Naruto with 700+ episodes. The length of this series is not long enough to lose the interest of anime beginners, as they are more likely to be thrown off by lengthy shows.  Death Note only has 37 episodes, and that number does not exceed the limit of an appropriate runtime. It is even great for binge-watching. You will never feel like the show is being dragged throughout the length of the show.

  • The Thrill Of ‘Light vs L’ Saga:

In a game of life and death, L and Light fight to outwit each other. The rivalry between these two main characters of the series is what makes this show so great. Out of the two, L is a world-class detective, and Light is just a high school student. The gist of Light vs L chase is similar to the one in chess, where you have to think 10 moves ahead of your enemy.

It might get a bit intense to keep up with the pace of Light and L’s moves and countermoves, but the thrill is worth the frustration. Tune into this masterpiece to experience the exhilarating saga between the two. If you are a fan of one of the characters, you will love death note anime merchandise available at Anime Merch Online.

  • Excellent Dubbing:

What makes this series so famous and likable is the remarkable attention to detail in dubbing. The dubbing of this series effectively conveys the vision of the filmmaker and allows non-Japanese people to truly understand the essence of each situation and event. The excellent English dubbing opens this show up to a much wider population. For those who hate reading subtitles, Death Note is the perfect anime series.  Some dubbings are just translations of one language to the other.

On a death note, we find that the language barrier has been bridged by not just translating, but delivering every concept through manipulation of the lines to convey particular concepts.

  • Clarity Of Concepts:

The series features clear-cut ideas and concepts, which makes it easy to understand. The best part is that it maintains intrigue and mystery without overly complexifying the ideas presented within the plot. The thought process behind the construction of the plotline is straightforward, answering all the questions as it finds its way to the end.  The characters in Death Note are also well-defined and do not have blurred backgrounds. This will make it a lot easier to connect the dots and solve mysteries.

  • Twists And Turns:

Throughout the events of the storyline, you will come across various twists and turns. This is what makes Death Note a classic and most-recommended Japanese anime series. Without the mysterious turns and intriguing details, a show loses its charm, but Death Note has it all. You will be hooked to this series after unraveling the puzzling plot twists, and peculiar turns.

In short, you will not regret watching this show as it is one of the best Japanese anime series. If you are already a fan of anime, there is a high chance this series will get you hooked. You can even buy anime merchandise online for your favorite characters in death note. Visit Anime Merch Online to explore all kinds of anime merchandise.

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