Which Is Better Out Of Embroidery And Screen Printing


When you think of designing your custom design into a fabric, there are many ways out there in the market. Two of the common techniques are embroidery and screen printing for adding logos into clothing or apparel. 

Let’s talk about embroidery first!

During embroidery technique, the logo gets produced by stitching threads into the fabric. The real stitching process is automatic and is completed by computerized embroidery machines. The embroidery is stitched with stitches and has high recognized values, conveying a more professional presentation.

The common embroidery machines have 12 or more sewing heads with up to 15 needles per head. What this implies is that 12 items can be embroidered continuously and the logo can be used up to 15 thread colors. The first procedure is known as digitizing and is used to make a program for the logo.

What you will get in the end is either the program or the logo file that can be directly embroidered into the embroidery machine and give instruction to the machine about what to stitch. The garments get loaded into the machine by the machine operator.  

Next Is Screen Printing!

The screen printing allows the production of the logo by compressing inks with the help of mesh screens directly into the garments. In screen printing, a different mesh screen is needed for each logo color, so the designs with multiple colors cost more than simple single-color designs.

Similar to embroidery, the screen printing process has been partially computerized but the garments are independently loaded and unloaded by the operator. When the print gets done, every garment travels through a tunnel dryer which works to set the print.

Now that you are familiar with both the methods, you may get confused as to which method should be adopted. There is also custom sublimation printing which is quite popular. The decision can be finalized on the basis of two things – cost and output quality!

Read on to find out the difference between both


Not everyone has a high budget to spend on customized clothing for business promotions. If you are a start-up or have some funding issue, you prefer to go with a method that doesn’t extract your pocket. Now you may wish to know that which method costs less.

Well, there is no straight answer to this question. The cost depends on the logo’s intricacy and the number of garments. Custom embroidery Toronto is quite affordable when it comes to small logo sizes, smaller quantities, and multiple colored logos.

The set-up cost of most of the embroidered logos is low and does not get affected by the number of colors in the logo. The set-up of screen printing, on the other hand, depends on the color, which means that a different mesh screen is required for each logo color.

During screen printing is used to print the logo on t-shirts, a base print is required. The setup cost of an embroidered logo is the same as the cost for a single screen, thus embroidery has a low-cost set-up.

The omission occurs when there are large logo orders as it will take multiple stitches. As a result, more machine time and more thread will be used, making the process expensive. In contrast, screen printing for larger logos or designs is more economic.

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Apart from cost, the next factor is which method delivers better results. The simplest answer to this question is the type of fabric that needs to be decorated. 

Take the example of business shirts or polo shirts, embroidery is the option to go with. The embroidery designs on these items are recognized as more impressive.

Embroidery is generally used for products like caps or outwear. Again, the exception lies when a large logo is required on the t-shirt back. In such situations, screen printing works great!

In the case of t-shirts or lightweight apparel, you should go with screen printing. Embroidery is just too heavy for t-shirts and tension created by stitching may cause wrinkles around the logo.

Since screen printing has a soft handle than embroidery, it works well with large logos and designs as well. This makes the t-shirt look great with the decoration in both front and back.

Bottom Lines

When we talk about embroidery, the thread colors can easily be changed to hold the different colored clothing. The color of ink can also be changed but demands extra labor, so can be a bit expensive. Since the number of design colors doesn’t affect the embroidery cost, it increases the price of screen printing.

However, the printing charges can be reduced by having one of the design colors be the complete color of the shirt or by using illustration. Talking about durability, the embroidery has longer life while the screen printing starts fading or cracking.

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